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The Energy Technology Section is part of the Process and Energy Department of the Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE) faculty at the Delft University of Technology. The research agenda of the Section covers a broad variety of subjects within the field of energy technology. It ranges from modelling to design and from gas turbine combustion, solid oxide fuel cells to biomass gasification. Its research projects are grouped according to the following categories: advanced energy systems, thermochemical biomass conversion, energy in built environment, gas turbines and gas combustion, dynamic modelling, power plant technology, nuclear power, software tools.


Key persons

Dr PV Aravind did his MSc thesis research at Delft University on “Generation of Electricity and Heat using Biomass Gasification, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Micro turbines” and received his MSc. from University of Oldenburg, Germany. In 2007 he finished his PhD in the Section ET (TU Delft) with a thesis titled “High efficiency energy systems based on biomass gasifiers, SOFCs with Ni/GDC anodes and gas turbines”. As a PhD student, he was involved in the FP6 project Biocellus. He is currently a tenured Assistant Professor within Section Energy Technology, TU Delft. He is involved in the supervision of research activities related to the development of SOFC stacks, biomass gasifier-SOFC systems, electrochemistry of fuel oxidation at SOFC anodes, high temperature biosyngas cleaning, and thermodynamic modelling of power plants. He teaches courses on fuel cell systems and thermodynamics of energy conversion at Delft. He is also teaching a full course on Thermodynamics of Power Plants at TU Munich, Germany. He supervises 6 PhD students on topics related to solid oxide fuel cells with three of them working on gasifier-SOFC systems.

Key publications:

1. Aravind PV, de Jong W. Evaluation of high temperature gas cleaning options for biomass gasification product gas for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. Progress in Energy and Combustion Science. doi:10.1016/j.pecs.2012.03.006.

2. Aravind PV, Woudstra T, Woudstra N, Spliethoff H. Thermodynamic evaluation of small-scale systems with biomass gasifiers, solid oxide fuel cells with Ni/GDC anodes and gas turbines. Journal of Power Sources. 2009;190(2):461-75.

3. Aravind PV, Ouweltjes JP, Woudstra N, Rietveld G. Impact of biomass derived contaminants on SOFCs with Ni/GDC anodes. Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters 2007.

4. Aravind PV, Ouweltjes JP, Schoonman J. Diffusion Impedance on Nickel/Gadolinia-Doped Ceria Anodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. Journal of The Electrochemical Society 2009;156(12):B1417-B22.

Gasifier, SOFCs, and a Gas Turbine

5. Aravind PV,  Schilt C, Türker B, and  Woudstra T.  Thermodynamic Model of a Very High Efficiency Power Plant based on a Biomass Gasifier, SOFCs, and a Gas Turbine, Int. Journal of Renewable Energy Development 1(2) 2012: 51-55

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