Thermal Processing Department

The Thermal Processing Department is a part Central Unit of the Institute of Power Engineering (IEn) in Warsaw and is one of the most advanced, experienced and promising parts of the Institute. The research and development activities of the Department are focused on thermal conversion of energy and research and development of high efficient low-carbon energy technologies.

The Department provides research in biomass combustion, coal co-firing, gasification technologies for electricity and heat production (also cogeneration). Main activities concern research and optimization of biomass co-firing in boilers, combustion process and thermal processes in boilers, diagnostic work and design of combustion chamber, systems of preparing and transport of biomass, biomass burners, biomass and wastes gasification. The research area is in the demonstration phase. Pulverized biomass burner has been developed at the Department basing on many years experience in designing of pulverized coal burners. Results of investigations have demonstrated the importance of fuel preparation for combustion process. Burner construction is optimized using laboratory investigations of fuel, numerical modelling and semi-industrial tests in the combustion stand of 0.5 MW thermal power. The burner is dedicated to work with various types of biomass which differ from each other in particle sizes, shapes, physical and chemical properties. Depending on requirements, the burner can be designed for power in range from 0,3 to 30 MW with turn down ratio 1/3. Optimization of boilers co-firing biomass fed through coal mills (up to 14% of biomass) is solved. Large number of conceptual and demonstration projects have been implemented.

The Department’s research in the area of clean coal technologies includes oxy-combustion with CO2 capture and coal gasification for high efficient production of fuels, electric energy and chemical products.

The Department has got research infrastructure for the investigation of oxy-combustion processes in the laboratory and semi-industrial scale. Advanced modelling using computational fluid dynamics and FLUENT software are applied. The research group has a significant experience in modelling of power unit with various combustion technologies. EU Research Fund for Coal and Steal (RFCS) project BOFCom and the national project “Power unit with supercritical parameters” are realized in the area. Close cooperation with big industry (Polish Energy Group and South Energy Concern) in the national strategic project is realized. The national development project concerning ceramic membranes for oxygen separation is realized together with IEn’s Unit CEREL in Boguchwała.

The Department's research facilities for the combustion of oxygen allows for a comprehensive approach the problem of combustion of oxygen and will provide a valuable step towards the transfer of results to industrial scale.

The research staff of the Department consists of about 50 experienced researchers and technicians.

The head of Department is dr Tomasz Golec.


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Director: dr Jacek Wankowicz

Institute of Power Engineering (IEn) is one of the largest institutes in Poland conducting research on energy technology. The Institute was established in 1953 and currently employs over 500 people. The Institute consists of the Central Unit in Warsaw and five branches in various regions of Polish: Gdansk Branch, Ceramics Department CEREL in Boguchwala near Rzeszow, Heating Technology Branch in Lodz, Department of Sanitary Technology Branch in Radom and Prototype Department in Bialystok.

The Institute provides research, development and expert services for the energy sector (including the development of new machinery and equipment for power stations and power grids, modernization of power plants and their equipment, providing principles for the construction and start-up of the large generation units, laboratory testing of equipment and electrical appliances). Recently, the Institute carries out advanced research on the development of new energy technologies:

  • electricity generation from biomass (combustion, gasification),
  • clean coal technologies (coal and biomass co-firing, gasification, oxy-combustion, CO2 capture, NOx reduction),
  • solid-oxide fuel cells (materials research, new coatings and structures),
  • wind power (power plant to power grid),
  • smart energy networks,
  • advanced ceramic materials (nanotechnology).

The Institute's research groups are involved in numerous international research projects of  Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (currently DEMOYS, HYDROSOFC, EFFECTS, FC-EuroGrid, FC-DISTRICT, SOFCOM, SENERES, SECTOR, HYPER, RELCOM), the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (SMARTBURN, FLOXCOAL II) and the Central Europe Programme (4BIOMASS).


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