The following main SENERES results will be achieved within the project realisation:

  • better integration of SENERES and IEn as whole  in the European Research Area through reinforcing researchers mobility, knowledge sharing, developing strong links between research partners around the Europe and optimization of national and European research potential among others.
  • reinforcing knowledge especially concerning environmental friendly European energy system by developing of the most promising energy technologies based on renewable energy sources (in particular biomass), clean coal technologies and fuel cells.

  • upgrading SENERES’s RTD capacity and capability with reference to human potential, research management, equipment and market potential.

  • contributing to regional economic and social development focusing on the most promising energy technologies (energy generation from biomass, clean coal technologies, fuel cells).

  • integrating research in energy sector in the Region in concordance with European Union energy priorities.

  • improving SENERES’s potential  to participate in FP7 projects.

  • better understanding of procedures for Intellectual Properties Right protection owing to expertise transferred in the frames of cooperation with the SENERES’s Strategic Partners.

  • reinforcing the European approach, national support and impact indicators in all activities foreseen in the project.



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