The Sustainable Energy Research and Development Centre SENERES is the project funded by FP7 Capacities - Research Potential Programme (call id. FP7-REGPOT-2011-1).

In accordance with call documents:

“The action aims at strengthening the potential of  research entities established in the Convergence and Outermost regions of the European Union (EU) that need new knowledge and support to realise their development. It will help to enhance the capacity of their researchers to successfully participate in research activities at EU level. It will therefore tackle a variety of challenges such as 'brain gain' through networking with other European world class research players and industry,  upgrading of relevant RTD infrastructure,  recruitment of experienced researchers and  institutional mobilization as well as dynamic contribution to the regional or European sustainable socio-economic development” (Work Programme 2011, Capacities, Part 4, Research Potential, EC C(2010) 4903 of 19 July 2010).

SENERES project fully answers Programme's expectations. The project received the maximum score during the evaluation process.

Project Information:

Project id:
Start Date:  1 September 2011
Closure date:  31 August 2014
Funding Scheme: CSA-SA
Total Project Value: 2 531 842 Euro
EC Grant: 2 259 076 Euro

Project Coordinator:

Institute of Power Engineering  (IEn),


ECN Petten, The Netherlands
TU Delft,  The Netherlands
University of Cambridge, UK
CIRCE, Zaragoza, Spain
KTH, Stockholm, Sweden
IFK USTUTT, Stuttgart, Germany
CNR-ISTEC, Faenza, Italy

Coordinating person:

Dr Andrzej Sławiński


36 Augustówka Street
02-981 Warsaw
Tel: 48 22 3451 451
Fax: 48 22 642 83 76

Home page:

36 Augustówka Street
02-981 Warsaw, Poland

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