The main objectives of the SENERES project are to reinforce and develop research and demonstration potential of the Institute of Power Engineering and to set up the Sustainable Energy Research and Development Centre SENERES focused on the high efficient low-carbon energy technologies: energy generation from biomass, clean coal technologies and fuel cells.

The S&T objectives of the project have been defined taking into consideration the main EU and Polish challenges for economy and energy sector which require relevant research and development:

  • Climate changes and requirements of CO2 reduction. The EU has committed to reduce its greenhouse emission by 20% by and 60-80% by 2050. New energy technologies have to be developed to achieve the ambitious goals
  • Polish energy sector is coal dependent in 93% and has not been yet restructured. The main reason is the structure of primary energy resources available in Poland, in which the coal share equals to 98%. In future Polish energy sector has to reduce emissions of pollutants and has to adopt it to EU requirements. Subsequent substitution of conventional coal technologies by new near zero emission energy technologies should take place with an assistance of the Institute
  • Enlargement of the EU and in particular Polish accession in 2004 has opened new challenges for the Institute as the main energy research centre in Poland. Contribution to EU SET Plan has become the main objectives for the Institute’s activities.

The general research priorities for the project are:

  • adapting current energy system based on fossil fuels into sustainable system based on a diverse mix of energy sources, in particular wider implementation of renewable energy sources,
  • answering for pressing challenges of climate changes by developing low emission energy generation technologies,
  • transferring old technologies of energy generation based on coal combustion to clean coal technologies,
  • developing fuel cells technologies as an inherently clean technologies of energy generation,
  • looking for new concepts for future energy technologies.


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