SENERES Scientific Seminar

2013-07-08 13:31

On the 11th of July (Thursday) the SENERES Scientific Seminar “Reduction of CO2 and NOx emission in energy generation from biomass and coal” has been organised. Presentations within the seminar have been delivered by scientists from CIRCE Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption (Saragossa, Spain) and scientists of the Institute of Power Engineering (Warsaw, Poland):

  • R&D activity at Thermal Processes Department of IEn Representative of IEn’s Thermal Processes Department
  • CIRCE introduction Dr Luis M Romeo, CIRCE, Spain
  • CO2 capture with solid sorbents Dr Pilar Lisbona, CIRCE, Spain
  • Oxyfuel combustion in fluidized bed Dr Luis I Diez, CIRCE, Spain
  • Performance analysis of power plants Dr Sergio Espatolero, CIRCE, Spain
  • CO2 reduction and thermal energy in industry Dr Luis M Romeo, CIRCE, Spain

Researchers from the Institute of Power Engineering have participated in the seminar and exchanged experiences searching for future possibilities of cooperation between CIRCE and IEn.

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