The SENERES’s actions are technically coordinated by Energy Research Integration Centre CENERG.

The SENERES project coordinating person is dr Andrzej Sławiński - head of CENERG .

SENERES project coordinator is responsible for:

  • managing the overall project on a day-to-day basis,
  • overall contractual, ethical, financial and administrative aspects,
  • reporting the activities under the EC contract,
  • consolidating the project planning, the progress reports, milestone reports, cost statements, budget overviews, etc.

Person in charge of scientific and technological aspects in the project is dr Tomasz Golec, head of Thermal Engineering Division of the Institute of Power Engineering.

Steering Committee

The coordinator of SENERES project is supported by the Steering Committee composed of the following members:

  • Director of Institute of Power Engineering
  • SENERES project coordinator,
  • representative of Polish Ministry of Economy,
  • representative of Polish Ministry of Sciences and Higher Education,
  • representatives of research leaders of SENERES’s Strategic Partners
  • invited Polish high level experts in the area of sustainable energy technologies.

The Steering Committee is responsible for:

  • determining the SENERES policy and research strategy with respect to the project execution
  • defining technical management procedures
  • supervise project results in accordance with the EU general strategy and SET Plan.
  • monitoring project progress, WPs research objectives realization, resources, times, cost relating to the results achieved,
  • analysis of deviations from the original work plan and suggesting actions to rectify them,
  • agreement on eventual deployment of contingency plans,
  • preparation and approval of contract changes (budget, resources, investments, etc.),
  • agreement on procedures for the dissemination of results in accordance with the EC contract,
  • conflict resolution on issues that may have impact on project development,
  • approval of Periodic Progress Reports, Cost Statements, Public Annual Report, Final Report and Public Final Report at the end of the project.

WP Leaders

SENERES’s actions are realized in the frames of six Work Packages covering 5 measures foreseen in the Action Plan (WP1-5) and the project management (WP6).  All Work Packages are managed by Work Package’s leaders:

WP1. Dr Bartosz Świątkowski

WP2. Dr Tomasz Golec

WP3. Sławiomir Kakietek

WP4 - WP6. Dr Andrzej Sławiński

The WP leaders are responsible for

  • relevant WP realization in accordance with appointed time schedule and budget,
  • reporting to the project Coordinator on all matters related to the respective Work Package (planning, costs etc),
  • achieving the objectives, targets and deliverables defined by the programme

WP Leaders  coordinate their WP activities in cooperation with the leaders of SENERES’s Research Groups and representatives of SENERES’s Strategic Partners.

Research Groups

SENERES’s thematic activities are realized in the frames of three thematic Research Groups (RGs). The following RGs and their leaders are indicated:

RG 1. Energy generation from biomass - dr Tomasz Golec

RG 2. Clean coal technologies  - dr Bartosz Świątkowski

RG 3. Technologies of fuel cells production - dr Janusz Jewulski

The RGs Leaders are responsible for implementation all measures foreseen in the project Action Plan in the relevant RG’s scientific area in particular:

  • coordination of scientific, research and development activities of relevant RG,
  • implementation of know-how transferred from Strategic Partners (WP1),
  • implementation and monitoring of the new equipment purchased (WP3),
  • scientific supporting of all events and promotional activities organized in the frames of the project (WP4, WP5),
  • reporting to WP Leaders all problems and needs related to their research area.


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