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The Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan,, KTH, Sweden, was founded in 1827 and is the largest of Sweden’s universities of technology. Education and research cover a broad spectrum – from natural sciences to all the branches of engineering as well as architecture, industrial engineering and management, urban planning, work science and environmental engineering. Division of Energy and Furnace Technology - EFT( ) is the one of members of KTH-Energy centre, comprised a team of researchers and research students actively working in various aspects of energy conversion technologies in order to minimize the environmental impact. EFT has the experiences of European FP6 projects (SUSPOWER, BioFuelCell, etc).



Key Persons

Prof. Wlodzimierz Blasiak, Head of the Energy and Furnace Technology Division (EFT) of Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden.

His professional activities are focused on research on low-NOx combustion, design of high performance industrial furnaces, Oxy-fuel combustion and High Temperature Agent Gasification. Development of all these subjects was carried on in collaboration with partners from Europe, USA and Japan and has been commercialized by industry in Sweden and Poland. He has published more than hundred technical papers, worked as reviewer to international journals and conferences. He was supervisor of sixteen PhD thesis. He has managed many research and industrial projects financed by Swedish and European agencies and industries. His main industrial partners were always power and steel industries. In year 2005 he took also responsibility for business development of Nalco Mobotec focussing particularly on Poland. Application of modern combustion techniques into Power Plants of Poland allowed reduction of NOx and CO2 pollutants below limits defined by European directives. He was awarded with Gorge Westinghouse Gold Medal (ASME, American Society of Mechanical Engineers) for year 2010.

Weihong Yang, PhD, Associate Professor, Energy and Furnace Technology Division (EFT) of Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden.

He has published over 50 papers in international referred journals, and presented over 50 papers at international conferences, editor 2 books (chapters) published by CRC (one is ongoing). He also carried out and managed many research projects financed by Swedish and international agencies, including Swedish Research Council, Swedish Energy Agency, and the Swedish steel producer association-Jernkontoret, and EU, and in co-operation with European and Japanese industries. He own four PCT patents (including pending).

Recent Projects

  1. High temperature air/steam gasification
  2. Steam pyrolysis of Biomass for biooil production
  3. Steam explosion pellet from biomass
  4. Micro-reaction mechanisms: Investigation of high temperature steam gasification of biomass using Density Functional Theory
  5. CFD modelling for industrial furnace

Recent publications (2011 to 2012)

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