The SENERES project Action Plan is composed of six consistent work packages:

1. Exchange of know-how and experience (WP1)

Two-way secondments of research staff between SENERES and leading research centres in EU Member States are realized. The researchers invited to SENERES give lectures, seminars and share knowledge during research performed in SENERES. The research costs are covered by national and FP7 projects realized in SENERES. The researchers help in better research management and they advise in research equipment upgrading. The key representatives of the Strategic Partner institutions are members of the project Steering Committee. Researchers from SENERES, in order to improve their knowledge and experience, participate in research carried out in partners’ institutions. The return mechanism is be defined. The results of the visits will be presented during internal and external seminars.

2. Recruitment by SENERES of incoming experienced researchers (WP2)

The special mechanism for attracting experienced researchers is created. The calls for experienced researchers to develop their research carrier in SENERES are launched. The relevant announcements are published on the specialized websites and in the branch publications. Focused invitations are sent to renowned Polish experienced researchers working in leading research centres outsidePoland. The experienced researchers from third countries having promising ideas are also invited.

3. Acquisition, development, maintenance or upgrading of research equipment (WP3)

The evaluation of existing equipment by invited cooperating experienced researchers is provided. The equipment modernization and upgrading in particular fields is realized to reinforce SENERES’s potential.

4. Workshops, seminars and participation in conferences (WP4)

Three thematic international workshops will be organized to facilitate knowledge transfer on national, regional and European level. The workshops’ subjects will be relevant to three areas covered by SENERES. The workshops subjects will include groups of the areas and will attract participants fromPoland, Central Europe Region and other EU countries. The workshops will be organized together with the project Strategic Partners and the EC. A key role of industry and SMEs representatives is foreseen. SENERES’s research staff will attend a number of international conferences and other events.

5. Dissemination and promotional activities (WP5)

The SENERES project’s activities are presented on SENERES’s website, by newsletters, periodical reports and many others activities. The SENERES’s research results will be disseminated through scientific publications, articles and conference presentations. Existing and future links with relevant energy research centres and institutes in Central Europe Region will be used for dissemination of acquired experience and knowledge. The broader understanding of the benefits of SENERES’s activities in developing new alternative energy technologies will be achieved by series of educational lectures and presentations for university students.

6. Management (WP6)

The project is managed in accordance with the procedures and activities included in WP6.  All SENERES’s activities are technically coordinated by the Energy Research Integration Centre CENERG in accordance with guidelines given by the Steering Committee. CENERG is an independent IEn’s unit destined for coordination and integration of all promising energy research activities in the Institute f Power Engineering on the international level.

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